The G20 Health and Development Partnership’s Parliamentary Council 

The Council was launched in September 2021 at the annual H20 Summit. The Council was formed in response to the emerging challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic to tackle the disconnect that existed between governments, parliaments and the private sector. It supports a more efficient and joined up response to tackle the pandemic and its socioeconomic implications. It is operated by the G20HDP and comprised of an exclusive group of cross-party parliamentarians within G20 countries. We’re expanding the Council to include representatives from each G20 country.

What is the Role of the Parliamentary Council?

Parliamentarians are enlightened about global health trends and challenges to help them inform their peers and constituents. The ambition is to implement the concept of a multiannual surveillance procedure across the G20 that will ensure a regular briefing of healthcare spending and preparedness to parliaments. Parliamentarians also promote our recommendations to their national parliaments and to fellow parliamentarians.

Health-related crises have been handled in the same vein as natural disasters

The Council works to highlight the link between the economy and health, helping to view health as an investment into national economies, rather than as an expenditure.

What is the Council’s relationship to the Partnership?

The Council works closely with the Secretariat of the G20HDP to help advance the key messages of the Partnership. The Secretariat provides evidence-based know-how relating to key emerging health challenges. The Council works closely with the G20HDP Secretariat and its global ambassadors.

Council members


Sandro Gozi MEP

Member of the European Parliament


Dame Angela Eagle DBE 

Member of the UK House of Commons 


Elmar Brok 

Former Member of the European Parliament, CDU Federal Board Member, Aspen Senior Fellow 



Stephan Albani

Member of the German Bundestag


Dr Sara Cerdas

Member of the European Parliament


Dr Karamba Diaby

Member of the German Bundestag


Dr Peter Liese

Member of the European Parliament


Professor Andrew Ullman

Member of the German Bundestag