Best Practices in European Digital Health Technologies and Health Systems

Digital health technologies have proven central to the COVID-19 response in the Europe Union, through contact tracing, through shared data interoperability and the sharing of COVID-19 patient data. This has helped to identify responses to the virus through diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines which has proved lifesaving for hundreds of thousands of citizens, whilst reducing the economic burden to national economies.

This work- which has accelerated in the past two years- builds successfully on the European Union’s Health Data Space and will be even more pivotal in future. In 2013, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution on eHealth standardisation and interoperability that helped to increase best practice in countries, something that must be built upon moving forward.

This panel will reflect on health data in Europe and discuss measures that can help to develop new innovations and strengthen data governance and exchange, improving interoperability to help identify disease threats and outbreaks (both communicable and non-communicable) earlier to strengthen health systems. The panel will also reflect on how Artificial Intelligence can play a central role in improving health outcomes, in line with the objectives of the EU Health Data Space.

Themes COVID-19 Patient Data, Data Interoperability, EU Health Data Space, AI and Digital Health and Patient Data


Delphine Chene, President, Editor, La Tribune Afrique


Stefan Höcherl, Head of Strategy + European Affairs, National German Digital Health Agency

Prof. Antoine Tesniere, CEO, Paris Santé Campus

Erik Jylling, Executive Vice President, Health Politics, Danish Regions

Anna Benavent, CIO, Hospital Tauli, Spain

Closing comments

Alan Donnelly, Convenor, G20 Health and Development Partnership

Concluding remarks

Dr. Thomas Steffen, Secretary of State, Federal Ministry of Health, Germany

Dominique Pon, Ministerial Official for Digital Healthcare and Director of the Pasteur Clinic in Toulouse