Working Session of the G20 Health and Development Partnership

UK House of  Commons 

12 January 2018

During the Working Session of the G20 Health and Development Partnership in the UK House of Commons on January 12th 2017, Members of Parliament, global health PDPs, NGOs and Permanent Missions discussed together how best to proceed during the 2018 Argentinian G20 Presidency so that health would remain a focus in the G20 process. Following the confirmation by the Argentinian Presidency that they will be continuing the Health Track, we are looking forward to providing support to the Presidency over the course of the year.

As outlined in the event report, one of our main objectives with this Partnership is to use considerable network and flexibility to reach out to a wider multi-lateral constituency across the G7/G20, Commonwealth, Inter-parliamentary Union, OECD and others. With this cooperation we want to help to elevate a number of global health priorities through establishment and growth of political capital and embed the discussion across a number of financing and economic dimensions, similar to what has been achieved under the climate change agenda in recent times.

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