WifOR is an independent economic research institute that provides objective and insightful data analytics and research to the private and public sector. WifOR guides and informs key decision makers and an array of stakeholders.

WifOR has extensive experience in health and life sciences. Its research brings stakeholders together by creating a common understanding of impact through economic and science-based metrics. WifOR supports pharmaceutical companies in over 40 countries as well as government bodies like the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Germany and organizations such as EFPIA, EuropaBio, IFPMA, AMIIF, vfa, and the World Health Organization.

WifOR’s economic, environmental and societal impact analyses quantify value contribution of individual drugs/innovations, companies, the life sciences sector and the overall health economy. WifOR aims to change the perception of health expenditures – away from an economic burden and towards health as an investment that creates economic growth, wealth and employment.