We break down silos to make your voice heard

We’re a not-for-profit advocacy organisation representing over 27 global health organisations from across the public and private sector and academia aiming to ensure G20 countries coordinate their current and future health innovation strategies to tackle the growing global burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases and promote the delivery of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) by 2030 with a focus on SDG3 “health and well-being for all” and SDG17 “strengthening partnerships.” By promoting inclusive partnerships, we make your voice heard.

Since 2017 our partnership emerged as an informal coalition of like-minded organisations and global ambassadors during the G20 Presidency in Germany. Driven by our commitment to the UN SDGs our 27 partner organisations from across different sectors include public-private partnerships, product development partnerships, not-for-profit organisations, the pharma industry, associations, biotech companies, health tech start-ups, research institutions and academia.

We turn your differences into common objectives that leave no one behind.

Together with our partners and our network of 17 high-profile Global Ambassadors, who are made up of current and former politicians and ministers, financiers, c-suite executives, philanthropists, international organisation representatives and academics we collaborate with G20 Presidencies and their engagement groups to support their global health agendas. We’ve supported all the G20 Presidencies since 2017.

Since 2017 we collaborate with G20 Presidencies to support their global health agendas and support them by providing concrete solutions and initiatives based on the wealth of expertise that our partners bring together with one voice. We have a proven track record of having collaborated with the G20 Presidencies of Germany (2017), Argentina (2018), Japan (2019), Thhe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2020), Italy (2021) and future Presidencies. Within these engagements we have also collaborated with relevant G20 engagement groups including the Business 20 (B20), Science 20 (S20), Think Tank 20 (T20), Civil Society 20 (C20).

We create links between G20 Presidencies and promote legacy initiatives

What makes us unique is the breadth and wealth of experience that our global ambassadors and 27 member organisations bring together in shaping common narratives and objectives that supplement the policy-making agendas of G20 Presidencies.

We ensure we tackle common challenges and opportunities ahead of time


Our mission is to mobilise, through political, intellectual, social and economic capital, the means required to meet Agenda 2030.


Our vision is a revitalised global partnership for sustainable development where the power of people, organisations and technology is harnessed to create social and planetary good.

What we do

Our work is divided in 4 thematic areas led by our Chairs and Co-Chairs in our sub-groups. These priority areas include:

Unveiling the potential of health in the digital age and making concrete recommendations to the G20 in how the potential of digital health can fast track the achievement of our SDG 2030 targets in helping to tackle the rising infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases of our time. 

Tackling the rising challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as AMR is considered the leading “silent pandemic” of our times that will kill more people by 2030 than from cancer.

Develop a structured and common approach for the pandemic preparedness and response agenda and identify and support national and global initiatives that include the public and private sector in its focus in sustainably tackling and preventing the COVID-19 pandemic or any future pandemic. The Health-Finance Taskforce created during the G20 Presidency of Italy in 2021, similar to the Financial Stability Board, is one of the concrete initiatives that our partnership has advocated for and will continue to support.

Health is an investment rather than a cost

Promote the narrative that health is an investment rather than a cost. Since 2017 our partnership was advocating that health is a matter of concern not only for health ministers but also finance ministers. We see health investments as a potential to promote socioeconomic growth in countries and in our group we showcase existing and new best practices of sustainable finance initiatives and develop thought leadership in impact measurement as part of ESG investment flows.We challenge transformational thinking in the global health sector and advocate for how health investments can be measured globally to identify the gaps in funding that cannot be closed by governments and philanthropy alone.