G20 Presidency Italy

Health Digital 20 Dialogue with G20 Sherpas and Planning before Presidency

At the beginning of the Italian Presidency (as we have done with all other previous G20 presidencies), we engaged in a closed-door roundtable discussion with G20 Health Sherpas to hear about the priorities and discuss with our 25 senior members and global ambassadors how we can support the Presidency goals.

Reports and Recommendations produced for the G20

The Partnership collaborated with engagement groups of the G20, in particular the B20 and the B20’s Health and Life Sciences Taskforce. The Partnership submitted a report to the G20 and the B20 on health metrics in collaboration with the WifOR Institute and Harvard University on how to measure the return of investments in health.

Ahead of key ministerial meetings throughout the year, the Partnership produced recommendations for G20 Leaders, Health Ministers, Finance Ministers and Sherpas to help support the Presidency’s agenda and offer suggestions for policymaking. Recommendations were produced for the Global Health Summit and the G20 Health Ministers Meeting in particular. Many of our recommendations were adopted into the Health Ministers communique and the joint Health and Finance Ministers communique as demonstrated in the attached document.

To mark Patient Safety awareness week, the Partnership published a report, “The Overlooked Pandemic: How to Transform Patient Safety and Save Healthcare Systems” with the support of the Italian G20 Presidency, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dr. Tedros, Director General of the WHO.

G20 Health Working Groups

We engaged with the Sherpas in the Italian Prime Minister’s Office, the Health Ministry, and the Finance Ministry throughout the course of 2020 and 2021.

After having received official recognition by the Italian Sherpa team as the “H20” as an engagement group of the G20, we engaged with the G20 health ministry throughout the year and supported all G20 Health Working Groups including the PHO-LAB initiative to support the process, meetings with input from our experts in the partnership. Through our public recommendations and liaison with the Presidency we have influenced and supported the outcomes of the Global Health Summit in Rome May 2021, the G20 Health Ministers Meeting in September and the Joint G20 Health and Finance ministers.

Health 20 Summit

Our annual H20 Summit brought together leading members of the public sector, private sector, governments, international organisations, and academia to discuss critical global health challenges over a two-day summit.

The H20 is organised annually by the G20HDP by supporting and collaborating with the G20 Presidency and involving the upcoming G20 Presidency.

In the H20 Summit on 1st and 2nd September 2021 speakers included the Chief Italian Health Sherpa Davide La Cecilia and H.E. Andreano Erwin, Director for International Cooperation and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.


G20 Presidency Saudi Arabia

The G20HDP was invited to attend all G20 Health Working Groups, G20 side-events including working group 1 and working group 2 in person, offering policy suggestions to the G20 Presidency on behalf of the global health community.

The G20HDP was asked to suggest G20HDP members to join the G20 health working groups. Johnson & Johnson, CEPI, FIND, Unitaid and other organisations had the chance to present in official working groups and act as observers.

The G20HDP also published a Call to Action ahead of the G20 Leaders’ meeting to address to COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 as well as ahead of the G20 Health and Finance Ministers’ meeting.

The Partnership held an event in partnership with the Saudi Patient Safety Centre on World Patient Safety Day to highlight the importance of patient safety globally.

The Partnership also engaged with a range of engagement groups such as the B20, T20 and C20 for official side events.


G20 Presidency Japan

The G20HDP has advocated since 2018 that health should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost to societies and economies. In line with our discussions with G20 Health and Finance Ministers, we have created a report with over 30 global health organisations arguing that the work of these and many other organisations contribute to a countries and societies Return on Investment and Return on Value.

The G20HDP presented and launched the report, Health Nations Sustainable Economies in the British Parliament together with the international health and finance community with the support by Chatham House.

G20HDP joined the G20 Health Working Group held in the WHO in May 2019in Geneva. The report was covered in The Lancet and other media outlets. The G20HDP was represented by the diagnostics alliance FIND and Medicines for Malaria Ventures who have been invited to join and present during the G20 Health Working Group meetings.

Based on the report and previous advocacy work, the G20HDP called for a joint meeting of G20 Health and Finance Ministers to highlight the link between health and the economy. This was held for the first time in 2019 under the Japanese Presidency, after a successful campaign by the G20HDP.

Following the annual H20 Summit in Japan attended by senior Japanese Ministers. G20 embassies, journalists private sector and civil society, in collaboration with the Japanese G20 Presidency, the Partnership submitted a Call to Action to G20 governments.


G20 Presidency Argentina

A high-level roundtable was hosted in Geneva by the G20HDP in line with the Argentinian Presidency’s Health Working Group, to discuss many critical health issues. The one-day high-level roundtable involved Secretary General of the Commonwealth Patricia Scotland, Rt Hon. Lord Cunningham of Felling DL, UK House of Lords and Chieko Ikeda from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan.



The G20HDP was founded during the G20 Presidency in 2017 when the German Government leveraged health for the first time on G20 agendas by creating the Health Ministers track.

The high-level roundtable in Berlin brought together a unique group together to break the existing silos in health by inviting politicians, government stakeholders, embassies, the private sector, civil society, public private partnerships and academia to a first time discussions to agree on the common global health challenges and how we can jointly tackle them. This has formed the start of the G20HDP.

A working session of the G20 Health and Development Partnership was hosted in the House of Commons to discuss urgent global health challenges in support of the G20 Presidency.