Healthy Nations, Sustainable Economies 

How innovation can better ensure health for all, Professor David L Heyman, MD

“This report by the G20 Health and Development Partnership sets out to support the need to invest in human capital in terms of global health. It is a holistic approach that blends economies and health so that wealth and the health of nations are united in a new priority for government, society and the economic actors in the rest of the century.”

Lord Jim O’Neill

Chair, Royal Institute of International Affairs Chatham House London

Watch the launch of the report at the UK House of Commons

“It is predicted that several countries in the G20 will not be able to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development health goals by 2040. I endorse the calls contained within this report calling for cooperation between G20 heads of government, finance – and health ministers to actively promote partnerships and existing and innovative financing models in global health research.”

Angela Eagle MP, Former Shadow Minister, Treasury & Member of the European Statutory Instruments Committee, UK House of Commons