Davos, 25 January 2019

Alan Donnelly, the Convener of the G20 Health and Development Partnership, participated at several meetings and events during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting at Davos, Switzerland during 2425 January 2019 including on NDCs and financing mechanisms. Mr Donnelly participated as a panellist at the 360 Discussion on Innovative Financing.  An increase in the number and protracted nature of conflicts around the world has resulted in the need for innovation to fund humanitarian action.

New sources of funding and investments that provide opportunity for sustained provision of relief, recovery, peacebuilding and economic prosperity are needed. This session looked at innovations around blended finance mechanisms, impact investing, private and public sectors partnerships, and other initiatives. Mr Donnelly discussed the preliminary findings and recommendations from the “Healthy Nations Sustainable Economies: How Innovation Can Better Ensure Health For All” Report with the different stakeholders at Davos. The stakeholders at Davos commended the recommendations devised by the Partnership for the upcoming report and looked forward to the full report in the future.