Enabling the EU Digital Decade by 2030

The French Presidency of the European Council has placed digital health at the heart of their Presidency priorities for the first half of 2022. Objectives include the promotion of the EU health data space which will facilitate the interoperability of data between health systems, improving the continuity of care and demanding compliance with ethical standards and personal data.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on humanity, but has accelerated the digital health transformation to treat current and future health threats. With over 600 digital health providers in the EU, of which 63% of them are being founded in the last five years, the European Union is a driving force in digital health and innovation at scale. In France alone, there has been a huge increase in teleconsultations. Prior to COVID-19, the national insurance fund reimbursed about 40,000 teleconsultations per month, a figure that increased more than tenfold in one week during the pandemic. 

This panel will discuss the significant potential of digital health technologies to produce better health outcomes for patients and health systems in the digital age and to help achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030 in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the EU’s Digital Decade 2030 targets set by the European Union. The panel will also discuss how the European Union can break existing silos to promote innovation and digital health in countries and act as a leader in accelerating the digital health transformation to improve the lives of all Europeans. 

Themes: EU Digital Decade 2030, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Digital Health Transformation in Europe, COVID-19 and Digital Health, Opportunities for the EU in Digital Health 


Rigveda Kadam, Head of Digital Access, FIND 


Garrett Mehl, Unit Head, Public Digital Health Technology, Department for Digital Health & Innovation, WHO

Nabeel Goheer, Chief, Asia, Middle East and Europe, PATH

Andrea Fiumicelli, CEO Dedalus Group

Ray Pinto, Director for Digital Transformation Policy, DIGITALEUROPE