Putting Theory into Practice – How do we scale up innovation in the Digital Age in countries and in Partnerships? 

There have been many lessons learnt throughout the past decade in digital health and in scaling up innovations, with the last two years showcasing the potential of health in the digital age in tackling COVID-19, but also multiple other global health challenges. With healthcare now being firmly in the digital age, it is vital that theory is put into practice to break existing silos and harness the benefits of innovation in the coming decade in line with the objectives of the EU’s Digital Decade 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

This dialogue will discuss how health in the digital age can be used to promote innovations in an inter- and intra-country approach and scale those up to strengthen EU Health Systems but most importantly to achieve our UN goals aligned with SDG3 “health and well-being for all”.

How can we get innovation to countries and how can these be accelerated and scaled up? How can we make sure to bring these innovations to benefit the workforce in countries and health systems and more importantly to the people that need them the most? How do we identify bottlenecks to transform from a supply driven innovation to demand driven innovation? How can we matchmake innovations and promote innovation in multi sectoral partnerships aligned with UN SDG17? 

Themes Accelerating innovation in the digital age, breaking silos and work in multi-sectoral partnerships, demand driven vs supply driven innovation, digital upskilling in healthcare, UN SDG 3 and 17 goals 


Prof. Walter Ricciardi, President of the World Federation of Public Health Associations 


A dialogue between
Louise Agersnap, Head of WHO Innovation Hub, WHO
Giorgio Moretti, Digital Health Entrepreneur & Chairman of Dedalus Board